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February 16, 2011

Rhianna's Latest Video 'S & M'... Good Lawd!!!

Since MTV is to busy showing juiced up guidos and filthy teen skanks who have gotten knocked up, chances are you have not seen Rhianna's newest video 'S & M'. Sure, you have heard the song on the radio... but watching this video is sure to raise your eyebrows (and blood preassure) just a tad. Pulp Fiction ball gags, rope and plastic wrap play, and tons of latex suits.... WTF!!!! Rhi Rhi is a freak son. She looks way to comfortable during some of these shots. She must really be a handful in the bedroom. Can we get this celeb sex tape.... PLEASE??? That's something I would LOVE to see.... for now, here is 'S & M'. Trust me, it's almost just as good!!!


  1. I really don't like Rihanna and I think that this song is crap, sounding too Lady Goo-goo Gaga like. Sure its a sexual video and will cause a lot of people to talk about it, but that does not cover the fact that this is crap.

  2. I think she's sexy as hell...and as much as I don't want to, I'm sure I'll be humming this by the end of the week, like with her last few songs.