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February 10, 2011

OHC of the Day: Jessica Lucas

Up until now, I'd have been proud to tell you that I haven't watched not one, single episode of the new 'Melrose Place' or 'Beverly Hills 90210' on CW 11...that is....I repeat..up until now. No one had tol' me, all this time I had been missin', exotic beauty...and now 'Obscure Hot Chick' of the Day, Jessica Lucas! Seems as though, after a small role in J.J. Abrams polarizing film of 2008 'Cloverfield', Lucas made a short stint as Kimberly on the new '90210' and than switched zip codes appearing as the more regular cast member Riley on 'Melrose..'. No matter though because, in just a few short weeks, the Vancouver, Canada native will be appearing in a little film we like to call 'Big Mama's House..Like Father, Like Son' (We call it that...because it's the title. We don't make this shit up!) alongside the always entertaining Martin Lawrence and, 'man of the hour', Brandon T. Jackson aka Alpa Chino of 'Tropic Thunder' fame After that, we suspect she'll be way on her way to becoming a household name. Here's one guy who hopes she may be getting down and dirty with one of her big screen co-stars 'cause we here at CCD could stand to see a bit more of Jessica Lucas...if ya know what I'm sayin'. Good luck out there Mz. Lucas and keep an eye out for Martin....he so crazy...he's so mother fuckin' crazy!

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