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February 10, 2011

5 Reasons To See 'Just Go With It'... Even Though It Looks Like Absolute Shit

It would seem that Adam Sandler is actually making movies with ridiculous plots similar to the ones his character in "Funny People" played to just show that he can... like a big 'fuck you' to everyone. I was watching 'Billy Madison' the other day and was amazed by how well it holds up... and here he is making a rom-com about a guy who wants to get some unreal hot chick to fall for him by making believe two children who are not his own are his. Wait... what? This got made? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Anyhow, the hot chick that Sandler is after is Brooklyn Decker. Mrs. Andy Rodrick. Fuck. Not only is he coming up with bullshit movies, but he is actually casting these funbags opposite himself. Well, I probably would not ever want to see this shit box... but I will watch it for the following reasons:


  1. Youre just encouraging them to make shit like this. This isnt 1982, theres no reason to go see a movie like this just because theres a hot chick in a bikini in it. We have the internet and essentially unlimited pictures and videos of bdecker at our finger tips. In any case quick trivia question: The movie is based on a) a stage play b)A french play c) screenplay number 1 d) screenplay number 2 e) all above the above credited individually on the poster?

  2. This is why I love CCD. I've just seen all the best parts of this movie. Thanks CCD.

  3. This article should have been titled
    "Thinking about going to see the new Sandler film...well DON'T 'cause here's the only 5 good things in it...ruined for you so you don't have to waste $12plus dollars!!"

  4. Owen, I was being sarcastic... I wouldn't watch this drivel in a billion years... and trust me, I know where the Brooklyn Decker shots are on the net... check my faves list son!!!! Hahahaha