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February 8, 2011

Mike D's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

The commercials are some of the best parts of the Super Bowl. Very rarely does the big game live up to the hype... usually there is a blowout. This years game was very good, but the commercials were awesome as always. Here are the ones that I like the best:

Audi - Release The Hounds

This one is hysterical... showing how luxurious an Audi can be. Props for the crazy stunts, the dodo, and for really getting Kenny G for the commercial. That was great.

Eminem - Brisk Ice Tea (I got some demands)

I always loved the Brisk commercials that featured real people in claymation form... the Sinatra & Rocky ones were some of the best. But this one is quite funny, and to be straightforward it is probably the truest commercial I have ever seen. Can't you see Em asking for this stuff??? I could...

Career Builder - Parking Lot

Monkeys. In Suits. Driving Cars. That's all... I'm sold.

Doritos - House Sitting

That magical Doritos dust sure can accomplish a lot.... this one is quite funny from the perennial powerhouse that is Doritos.

Chevy - Cast of Glee Sings "See The USA"

I am a big fan of the show Glee, and love the way that Chevy chose to use the cast in this campaign. It started with a 30 second teaser spot outlining Sue Sylvester's latest plot to sabotage the Glee Club, and the second one being the full 2 minute Chevy video. Great job from a great show. One question: Where is Shue, Quinn, and Finn???

But my favorite commercial of the day goes to the NFL:

NFL - Best Fans Ever

Wow... the NFL salutes its fans all over the country by going back and superimposing league apparel onto characters from your favorite TV shows. Norm in a Pats jersey, The Fonz in a Packers jersey, Marsha Brady getting smacked in the nose wearing a San Diego Chargers shirt... this one was great. Plus, you gotta love them for including South Park at the end. Great job.

Thanks to AdBlitz's Youtube page for these videos. You can see all the commercials from the Super Bowl by clicking here to view their page. Which ones were your favorite. Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. I loved that Audi rich prison commercial, also. I let you have that one. Was incredible from start to finish.

    That TV show montage where they're all wearing team colors and jerseys was only disappointment was that I didn't realize the gimmick until halfway through. I know I know i'm a dummy...but I didn't realize 'til the 5th or 6th screen shot that the characters didn't REALLY wear those jerseys in the original TV episodes...that they were superimposed just for this commercial. Once I realized...I loved it!