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February 8, 2011

J. Bond's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

 Being more of class clown/nerd growing up, I never really got into the sports, let alone football specifically. Everything I know about football I learn during the biggest football spectacular of the year...the Super Bowl! All that being said, the highlight of the event, for me, is always the commercials. In general, I think they weren't as awesome as they have been in past years. There weren't many that I thought created a 'water cooler' moment for me at work on Monday morning, wherein I just COULD NOT WAIT to discuss them like I have in past years. Oh but, the ones that were hit the mark were just incredible! Here's my favorites of the bunch.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 'Anachronistic City'- Love the visual of all the the world's inventions stuck together in the same time frame with each other. This one just pieced together like a work of art for me. ! Can't say that I'm in the market for a Sonata but, great job, Hyundai!

Bridgestone 'Carma'- Wasn't sure what to make of this one until that furry little beaver gave himself a chest pound. Good lookin' out, buddy 'The Reviews Are In'- Disney's 'Cars' for grownups. What's not to love?

Kia Optima 'One Epic Ride'- This one played out like a great time travel film. The CGI was top of the line and touched on everything I like in a great Sci-Fi film. I'm amazed how far they pushed it for a little ol' Kia commercial spot.

Volkswagen 'The Force'- As a 'Star Wars' fan, I couldn't get enough! My favorite part is how, obviously, vexxed the young Vader impersonator becomes after trying to move the food atop the counter. An emotion that bleeds through even the heavy costume and helmet. I'd like to point out how oddly the Star Wars mythos is playing out these days. This ad is just another instance that shows how Darth Vader/Anakin is the hero of choice now that the prequels have taken hold of a new generation of Star Wars tikes. Back when I was young..we'd be pretending we were Han Solo, Luke...or even Yoda!'s Vader. I'm eager to see how the Star Wars phenomena mutates within the next couple of decades now that there is a whole new generation of kids being raised with a slightly different vision of the franchise. (I know..I know. Deep breaths, was just a Volkswagen commercial!)

Doritos 'The Best Part'- By far THE funniest of the evening. This one came out of left field and if you missed it, I'd rather you just see for yourself. The Doritos company is always on point!

Thanks to AdBlitz's Youtube page for these videos. You can see all the commercials from the Super Bowl by clicking here to view their page. Which ones were your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. hahah!!!! I can't even explain how much I adore the VW commercial.