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February 9, 2011

LEGO Iconic Vol #8 by Jeff Bond

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

I am 'Brick Junk' this week on all the Lego inspired art that has been forwarded to me and that I've found, myself, from hours of surfing the bricker-net. Kudos to my agents of Lego Iconery for all your help!

First up, my boy Ochre Jelly over at Flickr created his first homage installment to my second favorite Sci-Fi film franchises of all time. Those 'damn dirty apes' of the 'Planet of the Apes' franchise. Brick shall not kill brick! Dig the 2nd 60's retro poster inspired collage framing the monkey participants in all their Technicolor glory.

Spotted first on Topless Robot by my partner in crime, Mr. Mike D, forwarded me this Lego on Metal 'Viking Odyssey' short film created by the geniuses of Makes me wanna make cool things  out of Lego and bash them at the walls!

Click 'READ MORE' below for more Iconic Lego building

A few of my regular followers emailed me this terrifyingly creepy abandoned (and probably haunted) mansion which I traced back to SNAP blogspot. Thanks to all! The work, created by artist Mike Doyle, may be one of the best and meticulously rendered buildings I've ever seen....made of brick. Lego brick that is! Click the link for more detail.

'Three Story Victorian'

Thanks to our friends over at The Brothers Brick for putting us on to Flickr poster Happy Weasel (Dan Rubin) whose imagination definitely stuck with him after childhood. His work below 'Linear Neualnet Cyborgunit 1 (LNC-1......get it!?) re-imagines the 'Great Emancipator' as a super-sized mech robot ready to engage himself in the war on slavery the hard way! Well done Dan!

'Linear Neualnet Cyborgunit 1'

Thanks to Joe F. for forwarding this link to a piece I wish I had sitting in my living room. posted, not only this Lego inspired living room table top...but, the video footage of it being created by it's owner. Love it!

-HADOUKEN!- Street Fighter's hardcore fans will recognize these Mini Fig customs created by Julian Fong aka Levork as Zangief, E. Honda, Ken & Ryu. 

'Streetfighter Mini Figs...Round 1'

You may recall some spooky skeletal family fun from Lego enthusiast Rong Yiren in a previous installment. this time around he's created a talented little Geisha for your approval.

By now you may heard that the newest Lego action line will be based on one of the hottest film franchises ever which will soon see it's latest installment on the 'silver screen'. I'm speaking, of course, about 'Pirates of the Caribbean'! There's been a lot of 'bricker-net' goings-on concerning the new line and Lego Iconic has got the scoop.

First up, Nerd Approved gives us this photo of 'Black Beard' himself, Ian McShane coming face-to-face with his nemesis, our hero, Jack Sparrow...created, from head to toe, in Lego brick! (Ahem...there should be a 'Captain' in there somewhere thankyaverymuch!)

Thanks to for these glorious photos of each of the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides' building sets. Some of which may reveal some film spoilers so shield your eyes if you'd rather hold out to see everything unfold on the big screen and have a mate scroll past the following photos to the next entry for ya, ya scoundrel! Garrrr!

'Whitecap Bay'

'London Escape'

'The Mill'

'Isla de Muerta'

'Queen Anne's Revenge'

'Aqua de Vida'

'Cannibal Escape'

'Captains Cabin'

Finally, Slashfilm has supplied us with this teaser for the upcoming 'Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides' for all your favorite video game systems. Fans of the Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, and/or Lego Indiana Jones franchises will be happy to know this latest excursion in brickery will hold the same family-inclusive fun as it's predecessors.  

Speaking of the seven seas swashbucklers, ForbiddenCove has been sponsoring a pirate themed Lego Pirate challenge for which dozens of fan made creations have been submitted.

Some of the best submissions come from one of our idols, Much Caffeine, who been inspired to create, not just one...but, many works for Fobidden Cove's approval. Here's just a taste!

Julie Elliott aka 'Angelina Cupcake' offers these Lego creations sure to make your teeth ache and belly full. Part of her bakery collection are these scrumptious looking Lego cupcakes! (Sorry Cal!...this one's to sugary sweet for you! I'll ask if there's a sugar-free version that we can enjoy.)

-BLAUW! BLAUW! BLAUW!- is convinced Lego building isn't exactly just kids play anymore. So much so, that they have been publishing unauthorized building manuals so that you, at home, can amass an arsenal of rubberband-firing weaponry. Click the link to purchase a copy....and let me know when Lego maniacs begin modifying them to fire live ammunition.I know it's only a matter of time!

Thanks to 'The Daily What' for the web ad for the new unauthorized Lego building books

'Lego Iconic' regular, Profound Whatver has done this great mock-up of this years Vanity Fair 'Hollywood Issue' cover which includes most of our favorites from 'young Hollywood'

'Til next time Lego Enthusiasts. 
And be sure to email me directly with any leads on impressive Lego creations


  1. Have you ever heard my rants against Lego? How do you deal with the fact that when we were young (I assume you are near my age of 46) there were only TWO lego shapes - square and rectangle. You had to use imagination to make something. Now it's just too easy. I resent how long it took Lego to give me OPTIONS. Playmobile was there from the beginning. They loved me. Lego hated me. I know because I have my YOUNG BUILDER's card where they spelled my name WRONG.

  2. @ Kal - They really spelt your name wrong??? Thats crazy!!! It was probably the octopi.... scumbags!

    Great job Jeffy.... another cool one. Love the Planet of the Apes ones... amazing!

  3. I am totally diggin' that Victorian mansion.

  4. @Kal Believe me I was there once, too. Trying to make dinosaurs out of the only 3 or 4 blocks available. You know we made it work, somehow, though. Now when there's probably thousands of Lego block variations available it's just expanded on what can be created and there's part of me that waits in anticipation every day to see what ELSE the geniuses can create....but, the other part of me curses up toward the skies that I didn't have the same opportunity.

    Do what I with them now! I own more Legos than I did when I was 5!

    P.S. I alternate between calling you Kal and Cal myself. Seems as though Lego left you with a long standing identity crisis. Haha

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. I owe a lot of my love for blogging to you.

  5. @Mr. Mike D...thanks for the love 'el jefe'

    Although you seem to stumble upon a lot of the same Lego works that I do on a daily basis, I hope I'm able to still keep you surprised with my finds.

  6. @Briana Thanks for being such loyal fan!

    I'm 'Brick Drunk' off this stuff!