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January 18, 2011

Video Games vs. Real Life

You may have seen the original artwork of Aled Lewis gracing the chests of many tee shirts but, I came upon a few of these great works of his through various websites, tumblrs and blogspots and was amazed to find out they were attributed to the same artist. In these works, Lewis has transposed some of our favorite video game characters into existing real life web photos. Sometimes comedy ensues and all times the result is pretty damn cool. Follow him on and let us know if any new ones pop-up! Maybe he'll take requests?

'Hyrule Field' (The Legend of Zelda)

'We Need A Montage' (Super Punch-Out)
*** Please click Read more below to see more awesome Video Games vs Real Life photos***

'Koopa Beach' (Super Mario Kart)

'Off to Atlantis. BRB.' (Ecco the Dolphin)

'When You See It' (SkiFree)

'Keeping the Mean Streets Clean' (Double Dragon)

'Schadenfreude Dog' (Duck Hunt)

'Hyaku Retsu Harite aka Hundred Hand Slap' (Street Fighter)

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