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January 13, 2011

My Proof That Teen Mom On MTV Is A Bad Idea...

     I hate this fucking TV show that MTV is making millions on called 'Teen Mom'. For those of you who do not know what 'Teen Mom' is, MTV basically selects 5 girls who are teens and have gotten pregnant. They then follow them with cameras to chronicle how hard their lives are before and after they give birth. MTV says they are doing this to "enlighten" teens on the dangers of teen pregnancy... but that's all a bunch of horse shit. They are doing it to exploit a fucked up situation... nothing more, nothing less. The show has become a ratings smash. Now that the show has gained popularity, you've got a shit-ton of teen girls around the country having sex & getting pregnant hoping that MTV will pick them for the next cast. Great work toolbags...

     Not to mention the fact that the ones who are picked are terrible human beings and it's being showcased to the whole world. That fat animal Amber beat her boyfriend up on camera and it came out that MTV kept filming and actually encouraged the violence. The police in her state arrested her and subpoenaed the tapes from MTV. The network denied that they were promoting anything negative on their show... just trying to help showcase a problem facing America's youth. Now its been a year or two since the season first started and these chicks are starting to act like they are famous, and splurging their money they earned from the exploitation of the show on things like breast implants.

Case in point: Here is Farah Abraham, lounging on a beach (without her baby) in a bikini. She is showing off her newly inserted fake breasts and also has a wrap on her hand that looks a lot like what you get when you have a fresh tattoo. So that's what the money she earned is going to... interesting. Not to mention that the dude who fathered her child died before the kid was born and she has been fist fighting with her mom since the show started... but she really needed those implants to be a mom in Iowa. See for yourself.

You know who I feel bad for... its the poor kids. Because now not only are they are stuck with these trashbag moms forever, but MTV has given them a little bit of money and some kind of aspirations of super stardom. Now this little hooker will get implants and try to record a single, or film some low budget web series... or maybe take Vivid video up on their offer to do a porn or Playboy to shoot a spread....tastefully done, of course. Maybe its cause I used to be a teacher, but I hate the exploitation of teens who don't know better and that have already made bad choices... they don't need a TV show to teach kids that's its bad to have unprotected sex. This does the exact opposite. This sends the message that if you get knocked up and MTV picks you, you will get dough and titties, an 15 seconds of fleeting fame. Which teenage kid you know wouldn't take that? It's a god damn shame. Show these kids a program of kids their age in an Aids ward dying, and THAT will stop unprotected sex! THAT will scare the shit out of them. What does 'Teen Mom' do??? It breeds more ignorance like this hooker in the picture above... 


  1. wow...that mom at the end is pretty hot. You sure a baby came out of her?

  2. I totally agree with your anaylisis. This show and ones like it are exploitation and send the exact opposite message than the one intended. I get so angry as these girls who have a baby because a)they think it will be neat or b)they think it is the only way they can hold onto a boy. The boys NEVER stick around and you are left with an angry teen mother, who feels like her life has been ruined her child. How can she not be resentful of the kid and take it out on the baby in moments of frustration. All this does in guarantee that hte cycle of single mothers continues. Very few of these girls are able to finish ever high school. Don't even mention attend college. Again, the children are he ones that suffer and their parent is doomed to low wage employment for life. Makes me crazy especially since there are so many ways to prevent pregnancies from happening. Most teen girls are too stupid or too uninterested to think ahead.

  3. This just reminded me of something I experienced last week.

    A friend's daughter, who is 11 years old and has a Facebook account, was posting on her status how she's watching Jersey Shore. And as the night went on, this 11 year old kept commenting on the episode, how who's sleeping in who's bed or whatever and who's "smushing..." Seriously disturbed by this, I started watching MTV. At that moment, the preview for their new TV show "Skins" came on, showing teenagers popping pills, passing out, smoking god knows what etc. And I'm thinking, this 11 year old is watching this right now.... how crazy is this. And disgraceful that my friend's kid is watching this shit with no problem.

    I hate to be one of these people and start blaming parents, but it absolutely 100% starts there. Whether it be that you don't have a great relationship with your kid or you're just a shit parent, it's certainly your responsibility to steer your kids in a positive direction. The problem is that it's seriously encouraged, mainly by shows like this teen pregnancy one, NOT to be positive parents. That you can get ahead in life because you are a dirtbag. That you are entitled to things because you deserve a second chance for being a real asshole. There is nothing positive about seeing this bitch above slappin' her mother around. Or watching that other pig punch her baby's father in the face. This stuff, does NOT deserve any attention at all. What deserves attention are positive stories. People who get by everyday without being white trash. Majority of people, people that you know (just like my moronic friend with her 11 year old girl), don't want positive. They rather feed off of negative, trashy nonsense. And it's pretty disgusting. We can thank MTV for being the pioneer. And I (sarcastically) applaud you for watching.

  4. I can't even believe that they can put this shit on the air. This is not the way to promote awareness of the situation. I think Mike is on to something (show them in an AIDS ward). That would be too harsh to show on TV? But showing a teen mother punch her baby's father in the face is acceptable. Fuck this shit!