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January 13, 2011

First Look 'Captain America: The First Avenger' & 'Spider-Man'

So, new images were just released today for two of the most anticipated Marvel film releases of the new decade..... 

Andrew Garfield donning the web-tacular wardrobe from the Spider-Man reboot. (Still untitled and roughly scheduled for 2011)

...And Chris Evans finally in full 1940-tastic Captain American garb for the upcoming 
'Captain America: The First Avenger' (scheduled for release July 22, 2011)

Mr. Mike D. would be the better source for whether or not these two live of to comic nerd standards but, alas...he's out on assignment so it is left up to this roving reporter, Lego enthusiast (and general geek) to bring you some quick thoughts.

-I'm not SUPER enthusiastic about a Spider-Man reboot this close to the original Sam Raimi film releases, but I gotta say, this costume looks spectacular. Like the one worn by Toby Maguire...but, slightly cooler somehow. I only hope the mask doesn't get some complete overhaul that we're not expecting...or ready for.

- This Captain America costume kicks ass! It's believable, less hokey than what I remember from the original comics and has equal measure old-skool and new. 

I'm getting a bit excited for the arrival of both of these films. So far so good!

Thanks to HitFix, Yahoo Movies, and R. Martin for the tips! 

How did I do, boss?


  1. Great work Jeffy... now for my critiques:

    Spidey suit looks cool... I like the lower arms/gloves... they look unique. Garfield also looks the part of a scrawny Parker. We shall see...

    I still don't know how I feel about Cap's movie uni... yeah, you gotta make it more practical and period friendly, but it seems like the changes they made were unneccessary. I heard the armor/suit evolves as the movie goes on, so lets wait on this one...

    Great post Jeff... just use the left alignment... no center alignment here on CCD son!!!

  2. Here are comments from James West, aka CCD's uber comic geek:

    "I need to see it with the mask, in better lighting, and not all beat up, but as of now…I like it! The red on the torso is slim and there’s no belt, and there seems to be some blue design amongst the red. But, for me, it still looks like it’s definitely Spider-Man. So far, no bad news has come out about this movie in my opinion."