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January 13, 2011

Fro Is Back At It... And This Time It's Dexter!!!

I just finished up Season 5 of Dexter and I have to say that it is consistently one of the best shows I watch. It is amazing. I did a post on artist Fro Design's Lost art work the other day, and when I was perusing his site I came across these four Dexter pictures. He did these in honor of Michael C Hall beating cancer... which makes them even better. There were 20 of each of them... and you might be able to still score one by clicking here and checking out his prints for sale page. Very good stuff. Hope you enjoy...


  1. I could not agree with you more Mike. Dexter has been great since the start!

    The first and second pieces are classic. It took me a moment to get what the second piece was! Great!

    The third piece is real classy. I love it. Simple.

    But the fourth one I am missing something on. I get the first two 'seasons'; the Ice Truck Killer and the Bay Harbor Butcher. But what's up with the vampire/zombie/werewolf hands for season 3? And the bath tub and hammer make total sense for season 4, but why the tractor? Does that relate back to the charity house bulding?

    I feel like I'm a bad fan! Help!

    These are great one; two; three

  2. Let's try this again...

    These are great one; two; three

  3. Joe,

    I think the werewolf/vampire hands were symbolic of how Jimmy Smits character transforms at night to a monster. Since he kills at night... thats just my take on it.

    As far as the tractor goes, I am kinda confused as well. I am going to email him and ask. There was a tractor that played a major part in season 5 (when Dexter flipped the car on the way to save Lumen, thanks to a well placed tractor in the season 5 finale). Im stumped, and I googled & Wiki'ed the shit out of it.... I'll let ypu know.

  4. Is it possible that's a large personal home lawn mower and not a tractor?

    I can't recall why either would have a place in Season 4 of 'Dexter'. Was Lithgow ever on a lawn mower in that season?

  5. I have emailed the artist himself... I will let you guys know as soon as he gets back at me!

  6. So... here it is, word for word, from Fro himself!!!

    Hey Mike thanks so much for the very nice message, and I really appreciate you featuring my stuff on your page. I'll answer your questions in order.

    1.) Thats right, it was hard to come up with something to symbolize Jimmy Smit's character at least in comparison to the iconic killers in the other seasons. I did find it interesting how he had a creepy preference towards strangulation. So I drew in the hands but I wanted to make them seem more threatening and also show his transformation from a good man to a monster.

    2.) This is kind of funny, I actually made this a little over a year ago and I have to admit at that time my karate was not very strong. It's actually not a tractor, its a drawing of the small cement mixer trinity uses to bury the 4th victim. I just looked at the picture and it's pretty hard to tell.

  7. Perfect sense.

    He definitely gets a pass after those awesome Lost season 7 posters yesterday.

    I'd be lucky if I drew a cement mixer and it looked like a tractor. It'd probably look like a motor boat or something.

  8. Yes those answers certainly make sense! And I like!

    Its nice that he got back to you so quick!

  9. Jeff, if you drew a cement mixer it would probably look like your favorite item... a dildo!!!

    Im here all week....

  10. It's my favorite cause it's the one I use on yo' grand-mama! The Lexington Steele model!

    Hey I'm just sayin'!