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December 3, 2010

Who Wants A "The Warrior's Way" Ninja - Themed Prize Pack??? I Do, I Do...

So The Warriors Way opens today on the big screen, and we here at CCD are quite excited by it. The action looks great, and it seems as if they are making a movie using the strengths of green screen the way Ninja Assassin used it last year. The movie has some clear strengths (which we highlighted here), and we hope its half as fun as it seems to be. So lets get to the prize pack...

Thanks to the lovely Emily over at Brigade Markeeting, I present to you The Warriors Way prize pack. Here is what you can win:
  1. A copy of Hero on DVD
  2. A copy of Ninja Assassin on DVD
  3. 1/4 sheet The Warriors Way poster
  4. The Warriors Way door hanger
Are your intrests peaked? Ok, here is all you have to do. Tell us what your favorite martial arts themed movie is and why in the comments below. Which martial arts film can you watch over and over cause the fights are so amazing. Tell us in the comment section, and the person who gives the best defense for their pick will win the above prize pack. Its that simple. Make it happen people!!!!

Make sure you check out The Warriors Way tonight and from here on out on big screens all over. Support movies like these so that people will continue to get budgets to make crazy martial arts/western mash up movies. I know I want to see more of those... now get to work!!!!  


  1. Easy- Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee. Why? Well, first of all, the film itself has been deemed "culturally significant" and has been selected for preservation by the National Film Registry. How many movies can boast that honor? Not mention, it's Bruce Lee's coup de grace in more ways than one, ending his legendary career on a melancholy but ass-kicking note. It's got a black kung-fu man with an afro. The main villains evil hand appendage was part of the inspiration for Wolverine...and where would we be without him? It's got a classic kung-fu story line of the tournament on the island, which has been replicated dozens of times over. Just a classic in all regards!

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  3. I am sick for those Chinese historical epics where the story is about as great as the fight scenes. I have a list of great ones that includes 'Hero', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', 'Red Cliff', and 'House of Hidden Daggers'.

    However my first favorite is 'Curse of the Golden Dragon. This one has it all - a great story of palace intrigue (that reminds you that you are never fully finished with a past than can bite you in the ass), betrayal (when the heir apparent tries to take what he has not been freely given), conspiracy (between the Queen and her son), sadness, and revenge. The setting (The Palace of the Emperor within the Forbidden City') is beautiful as are the costumes worn by both the royal family and their household servants.

    The battle between the Golden Army and the Silver Army is as spectacular as it gets anywhere. This one stayed with me long after I first saw it and I rewatch it at least once a month. It's subtitled but this is okay because those subtitles have the effect of forcing the audience to focus on everything on screen - and there is a lot to focus on. Very rewarding melodrama.

  4. I vote for kill bill 1 and 2. Good mix of martial arts AND plot. Awesomely entertaining.

  5. My favorite martial arts movie is 5 Deadly Venoms. "Toad Style is immensely strong and immune to any weapon. When its properly used its almost invincible..."

  6. Call me biased but Bloodsport and Kickboxer will forever be two of KMG's favorite martial arts films.

    Nok Su Cow!

  7. The movie that got me into martial arts (and thus my favorite martial arts movie) is Bloodsport. Corny, I know, but at the time it was the 'ish.

    In the early 90's, I saw the similarities between this movie and the video games series Street Fighter 2 and I was hooked. The final fight seen with Chong Li (the famous Bolo Yeung) and Frank Dux (JCVD) is forever ingrained in my mind. The blood stained mat, the special incline mat, the powder in Frank's eyes and the JCVD trademark grunting/screams. Great!

  8. I'm gonna go old school and say The Seven Samurai, by Kurosawa. It's from the 1950s and doesn't have the special effects or insane visual stunts of modern films, but it is the most classic, if not the greatest, kung-fu film ever made. It may have been the first film to use the plot of recruiting and gathering heroes into a team to accomplish a specific common, but expertly pulled off here. A timeless, classic statement on class struggle and honor.

  9. Although I'm not a big Martial Arts fan, I do remember there used to be a lot of Asian karate films dubbed into Engrish on Channel 11 (or 5?)on Sundays afternoons right before old episodes of 'Star Trek' would air during dinner time on when I was a kid. I can't begin to tell you the names of ANY of those that were on...but I know I used to mimicked the bad lip-syncing and make noise with my hands as I karate chopped at my Mom's legs('GOODGE!'...'KRACK!'...'CHOP!')

    I can probably count the Martial Arts films I've seen since than on one hand. I recall loving 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' with all the neat wire work and ish but that's where I go blank.

    So I'm going to stick to the answer I was going to go with before I saw that Kate blatantly stole it out of my mind...'Kill Bill 1 & 2'! The answer may be lame, but I think Quentin Tarantino did the martial arts revenge flick a lot of justice and earned a lot of credibility with those films having grown up with them himself and borrowing liberally from all of them.

    Don't like that pick? What about Black Dynamite vs. 'Tricky' Dick Nixon in 'Black Dynamite'? Epic!

  10. Well, if The Karate Kid is an acceptable answer, then Bingo-Bango! I'm done.

    If not, then I'd say The Last Dragon. (which is probably more Karate Kid than the Martial Arts movies everyone else is naming)But come on. He caught a bullet with his teeth, people!

  11. I have not seen the Last Dragon in a long time. Too long!


  12. Kung Fu Hustle!! perfect mixture of action & comedy.

  13. @Kristen

    'Nok Su Cow!' ?

    Made me start singing "Mama said Nok Su Cow..." at my desk all morning. Thanks! Like I needed THAT stuck in my head.