December 3, 2010

Nikki Minaj Got So Much Ass, Even Rhianna Had To Grab It!!!

During Hot 97's Thanksgiving concert, Nikki Minaj decided that she was gonna class it up a bit and wear a pants suit during the show. Given the fact that her name is Nikki Minaj, you know there had to be a catch. What was that catch you ask??? How bout the fact that the whole rear of the suit was made of sheer material... see for yourself:

What??? Glad to know she classed it up for the holiday. But that wasn't the most outrageous thing to happen. Nikki performed a duet with Rhianna for the song "Fly", and after the song was over Rhianna gave her performing partner a pound, a hug... and a serious ass grab!!! (Jump to 2:35 of the clip for the grab)

That settles it... Nikki may be  a gimmicky rapper that is biting Lil Kim's style, but she definetly got some serious ASS!!!!


  1. Holy shit balls! I have seen pictures of Nikki before, but the pictures and video in this post clearly shows the depth and size of her hiney! Ah!

    By the way, I looked up the spelling of hiney to make sure that I got it right and came up with this link on Urban Dictionary. Funny stuff.

  2. POW!

    That sure is something to behold.'s not for amateurs anymore.