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December 3, 2010

Is This What Darth Vader SHOULD Have Looked Like?

These are some really cool illustrations by a few artists that design Darth Vader based solely on the script passage that first introduces the audience to the great Sith Lord. Check out the passage first, then the artists renderings:

INTERIOR: REBEL BLOCKADE RUNNER MAIN HALLWAY. The awesome, seven-foot-tall Dark Lord of the Sith makes his way into the blinding light of the main passageway. This is Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. His face is obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which stands out next to the fascist white armored suits of the Imperial stormtroopers. Everyone instinctively backs away from the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet sweeps through the Rebel troops. Several of the Rebel troops break and run in a frenzied panic.

Carlos Villagra

Chosen 1

James Groman

Jorge Lacera

Rod Widnt

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  1. This is kinda strange. I like the idea of anything that has it's roots in Star Wars but, I can't imagine ANYONE is able to put what they already know of Darth Vader out of their mind and create something solely based on the script. Some of these are hot, though.