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December 8, 2010

TF 3 Baby!!! by Jeff Bond

Hi, this is Jeff Bond here. I usually don't write much in my articles on CCD, but when I saw this picture from the upcoming Michael Bay film Transformers 3: Darkside of the Moon, I had to weigh in. You guys know how much I hate Michael Bay... but thats all n the past now. Just look at this awesome poster for Transformers 3:

Holy. Shit!!!! I am super excited for this film, and it seems as if Bay has learned the error of his ways and is on the right track here. And the abbreviation is genius... you gotta love the TF3 baby!!! I'm all in on this one... and I'll finally admit that Mike D has gotten me to see the light on Michael Bay & the Transfromers franchise. Stay posted for more updates...


  1. Yes Jeff, this is a great looking poster, but I am not sure how this series can be fixed. I have not heard anything on the script. Either way I will watch it...

  2. Glad to see you open to the new Transformer film... my only disagreement with you would be the abbreviation... I dont get it. Can u elaborate?

  3. I am very easily you can guess, that means that I liked the Transformers movies. They're good fun, which is what Bay wanted, so to me, that makes them pretty darn good.

  4. Apparently hell has frozen over because the JB I know would NEVER endorse any attempt at film making that Bay would be behind. Who is this impostor that has besmirched the good name of Jeff Bond?!? I call you out.

  5. I hear ya Bri... I never thought I would see the day when JB embraced Michael Bay either... Suspiciously, he has not commented on this thread. Maybe he is having second thoughts.

  6. OK OK....I thought I'd let Mike D have the whole day to have fun at my expense but, I can keep quiet no longer! L'est anyone think this article was written by me, Jeff Bond, hater of all things 'Bay' you need only took look at who actually posted this article at the bottom of the page.
    Mr. Mike D.
    In the immortal words of one, Briana Melendez,
    "What had happened waaas..."
    I had told Mike D. how absolutely OUTRAGED I was at the newest slap to my face which is the Transformers #3 poster that has been making it's rounds around the interwebs. Why a slap in the face you may ask? Because like all things 'Bay', the marketing campaign for this latest penis tug of a film, that will probably go on to become one of the highest grossing sheeple films ever, has been run through the 'Hollywood Machine' and it has come out ridiculousized!
    'T.F. 3' ? 'T.F. 3' ??!? Really? Really?!?
    Last time I checked, it was spelled 'Transformers' as in one word...not 'Trans Formers' as Bay would have us believe. Which leaves me to wonder what the second word may stand for in the 'T.F' equation. I suppose, like all Hollywood blockbusters, Bay's marketing people decided this film needed a catchy abbreviation. You know, like T-2 for Terminator 2..but, here's the thing, had Bay's people gotten ahold of may have been called T.A. 2...or 'Termin Ator 2'! I guess they saw T-3 was taken by a MUCH better film franchise and to avoid legal action forced a ridiculous abbreviation where there was none.
    I know this is nitpicky but ya think SOMEBODY would have caught the issue before releasing this.
    In a moment of clarity I decided that, possibly in true Bay style, they went with 'T.F. 3' which is short for Transformers Fucking 3! And than I'd say Fuck Yeah! Go get 'em Asshole! But, than I woke up and realized it's just Bay letting something else get fucked up about one of the coolest toy lines and cartoons of my youth.
    At this time I would like to take a moment to wish chronic bowel disease upon Michael Bay. Michael Bay your films suck and you suck. I heard 'Bad Boys' may have been watchable but, I only got around to possibly watching once I've seen the other disasters which your sheeple call Summer Blockbusters....and I vow now...never to watch them. So please Lord of all creation....Lord God and your baby Jesus...and his ghosts...please see fit to give Michael Bay a debilitating bowel disease..this I pray to you, through Christ my only savior...Amen.
    Die Michael Bay!

  7. ...and Mike D.
    don't even THINK about writing a retort about how this is a fun campy kids movie...yada yada yada...The film is god awful...for NO ONE'S CONSUMPTION! The fact that you subject your son to it is child abuse! I'd much rather you bring him to a 1am 'Human Centipede' screening.

    Die Michael Bay!

  8. My Dear Jeff,

    I am not writing you a retort about how the Bay Transformers franchise is for kids... I am stating it as a fact. How old were you when you loved the original "Transformers"? I would say between 4-7, no? Mikey is this same age, and while he showed minor interest in the older cartoon when I showed it to him (he likes it better then other 80's cartoons, but not much) HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE TWO TRANSFORMER MOVIES. And I don't think its a co-wink-ki-dink that Mikey is 7.... I can see you and everyone elses points on the film sucking, but its fun if you let it be. If not, thats cool. But like James, I don't find it that bad for the world. Uwe Boll's movies are much worse (and I love them to!!!!). Sorry for the prank, I will never do that again...

  9. Ah...I was just kidding, buddy. I'm just angry that Transformers wasn't treated a bit more seriously. Even those who criticize the goofyness of which the Star Wars prequels were done...can probably agree that the seriousness of Darth Maul, Order 66, the evolution of Palpatine are pretty cool for adults to there is a little something there for both kids and adults. To overlook the kids that grew up with Transformers and make it purely a goofy kids movie like TMNT is kinda just bad form and will never sit right with me.

    hijacking the page in my name was funny and you can feel free to to it anytime you want. It probably was instrumental in garnering a couple hundred clicks today...people coming back to read it again, and again thinking I had gone nuts. Fun Fun.