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December 13, 2010

The Psycho Shower Scene Revisited By Nathan Preston

This cool rotoscoped reenactment of the famous Alfred Hitchcock Psycho shower murder scene was done by Nathan Preston and made its way over to us via friend of CCD (and soon to be contributor...) Bianca Sunshyne on our Facebook page. Its a really cool piece and the accompanying music is done by Meursault. Thanks for the tip Bianca... now get that first column ready!!!


  1. Fantastic, artistic genius!!

  2. Although terrifyingly horrific, it's one of those macabre scenes in horror films which drives you to watch it again and again in both awe and intrigue. Now, with both main stars dead in reality, it remains 52 years on, the best horror film ever made!

  3. From GJ of London Uk