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December 13, 2010

Joe Panther Presents: Some Songs I Wrote...

I've been writing and playing music for nearly 20 years now. Here's a sample of some of the songs I've written. -Joe Panther

Empathy 101 came shortly after I was laid off from my job of 9 years. I was feeling nervous and playing the guitar helped me get through the shock of it all.

This song inspired the MassageNerd on youtube to make it his background music for one of his videos. "Who is he, you ask?". Look him up on youtube and prepare to be relaxed!

Here's some heavy acoustic guitar playing. Thrash style!

I wrote this song recently for my friend Kristen. She's amazing beyond words. She's so cool to talk to and she's a great photographer as well. I'm starting to love her.. In a friendly way, of course. *fingers crossed behind my back* :p