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December 15, 2010

OHC of the Day: TV Carpio

With a name like TV, its no wonder that Miss Carpio would strive to become famous. It also helps when your mom is a huge singing sensation in Hong Kong and your pops owns a huge textile company. With parents like those you are free to explore some options with your career... and that's just what young Teresa Victoria (TV.... get it?) did. She made some small television appearances on Law & Order, and had a small role in Spike Lee's She Hate Me. She also had a run on Broadway in the play Rent. Then her life changed for the best. She was cast in the all Beatles musical movie Across The Universe, and she played a character by the name of Prudence alongside stars Jim Sturgess & Evan Rachel Wood. She sang a wonderful rendition of I Want To Hold Your Hand (see the video below!!!). That role would open up one of the biggest opportunities of TV's career. The director of the Academy & Golden Globe nominated film, Julie Taymor, would ambitiously (and some would say insanely) develop Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark with collaborators Bono & The Edge of U2. The Broadway musical is the most expensive stage show EVER (over 65 mil!!!) and is experiencing quite a few ups and downs as it tries to gain its footing for a 2010 holiday opening. Carpio plays one of the many villains in the play, Miss Arrow. Whether or not the play is a success is going to be one of the seasons greatest questions, but either way TV's career is on the upswing. Besides her commitment to Turn Off The Dark, you can catch her alongside Robert DeNiro & Bradley Cooper in  Neil Burger's next film Limitless, in which she shares some steamy moments with the heartthrob from The Hangover. Who said that to much TV was bad for you??? With high profile performances like these, she won't be an Obscure Hot Chick for very long!!!

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1 comment:

  1. She's cute. Not Jamie Chung cute...but just cute.

    you said the Broadway Spiderman show was trying to 'gain it's footing'

    I chuckled 'cause I know the Spider-stubt guy broke both feet in rehearsals.

    Believe it or not I'm still very interested in seeing this Broadway a year from now when all the kinks are worked out. I can't imagine how cool it is to see Spidey and crew fighting and swinging around on wires above the audience.