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December 31, 2010

Mike D Says Thanks For 2010

Hey guys... you have been wonderful all year!!! Our audience has grown so much since I started this website as a place to vent all my geekiness for the world to read. Last January I began the site to only a handful of readers (and no comments... ever!!!!) yet, as of right now we have over 3,000 page views a day!!!!! We got press passes to Comic Con (I still can not believe they gave me a press pass...) interviewed some celebrities, went to some film screenings, got some free schwag, and made a ton of great friends along the way!!! It has been one hell of a year... and I can't wait for year two to begin!!!

I just want to give a few shout outs to some of the people who help make this site possible. First of all, I want to thank my girlfriend Tara for being so patient with me working on CCD all the time. It takes a lot to get 25 posts a week done with a full time job... so if it weren't for her patience and understanding it would never get done. Thanks boo... your the best!

Next, I have to thank my boy, Jeff Bond, for being the all-time best back up man on the planet. Sure, he may be a bit lackadaisical with his posts now that Lost is over (c'mon man... once or twice a month ain't getting it done, son!), but this guy does EVERYTHING else CCD needs done. He puts out the Facebook blasts daily, friend requests all the cool people we write about (so we can get free shit... hehehe) and forwards me at least 65% of all the cool shit we feature on the site. He embodies exactly what we represent here at CCD, and that is that we are constantly on the search for the coolest shit on the planet and giving it to you guys. We are givers here at CCD... and Jeff is one of a kind. Thanks buddy.

I would also like to shout out anybody who has ever contributed to CCD since the beginning. Jeff Bond's Lost recaps and Lego Posts are priceless. Kate Jones keeps us up on our reality shows and makes 'True Blood' that much better by posting her awesome recaps. Kristen Grillo used to keep us laughing with her humorous movie trailer breakdowns... hopefully she will get back to it in 2011 (hint, hint). James West is our resident comic book geek and historian (as well as the best cousin... ever!!!) and baffles us with the fact that he has over 40 years worth of comic book knowledge jammed into a 19 year old head. It truly is amazing. Tommy Lombardozzi... your talent knows no limits. Your artwork puts a smile on my face, constantly. Keep 'em coming kid. Looking forward to many projects with you in 2011!!! Sam James, our foreign correspondent, what can I possibly say to do justice for your presence in CCD existence? This dude flew to NYC from Jamaica to be my camera man at Comic Con... now that's dedication! We gotta find something for you to post about. It's about time you started properly contributing to CCD. Joe Esq, we want more toy stories son! Lets go, they are awesome. Get over to Claudia's and start digging in them boxes for some finds, asap!

You guys help me so much.. and without you I would never be able to get it done. 1,000 thank you's and all the love in the world goes out to you guys. Now get to work!!!!

Finally, I want to shout out some of the cool people I have met this past year. Cal, you are the fucking man. Your website is amazing, and you are directly responsible for motivating me to expand CCD and work so hard at it. I feel a kinship with you, brother... it is probably the fact that we were both teachers. Either way, thanks for being so nice when I emailed you and providing me with a friend way on the other side of the world (OK, it's just Canada... but still!). Keep them cat pics coming son!
Johnny, 'Freddy in Space' keeps me in the loop on all my favorite Horror movie news. You are the man. I always read Bloody Disgusting, and their site is so huge but, you fill the void with the interesting finds that the big sites miss. This is where I feel CCD & 'Freddy in Space' find common ground. On top of that, you are an awesome person. Keep the site going kid... I need more posts!!! My man Jerry Milani from Wizard... good god I can never thank you enough. Jerry was the man who gave us our first press passes ever, for the 2010 Wizard Big Apple Comic Con. He is the man. Thanks for seeing something in us.... hope to work with you again in the future!

In closing, I want to thank anybody who ever read or wrote a single thing here on CCD. You guys make it happen! Now tell all your friends and relatives to become followers of CCD asap... and thank you once again for being part of my life. To anybody I may have forgot.... my bad. I love you guys all the same. Look forward to our second year of CCD... cause it's gonna be EPIC SON!!!!!

I'm Out,

Mike D
CCD Forever


  1. Thanks for all the love directed at the humble Cave of Cool. I am glad I found you too me brother and am happy that you are making a real going concern with your stuff. I too have visions of world domination and I like to think we raise the bar for each other. We only get stronger together. I need to scam me some passes for next years convention in NY. Then I have MORE of a reason to visit than I already do. Much success in the future. Let's make sure that everyone says, "I knew him when he was nothing. Look at him now." by the time the next year is done. All the best and look to the Cave for a return 'good on ya mate'.

  2. Congratulations on a great year! I look forward to 2011 at CCD!