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December 10, 2010

LEGO Iconic Vol #5 by Jeff Bond

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

Sasuki has these neat CGI rendered Video Game inspired Lego Mini figures. So they don't actually exist in the real word. Who cares... they rock!

'Kratos from God of War'

'Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid'

While we're on Lego Mini figures, Levork has some tangible Super hero customs on display over at Flickr

***Please click Read more below to see the rest of Jeff Bond's Lego Iconic***

Benny Brickster has this impressive 'Halo' video game inspired 'Master Chief' helmet ...on his head and on display for all to see on his Flickr page. Now, that's using your head!

Brick-tastic builder, Fredoichi, has done some great work with Mech inspired robots and vehicles made completely of Lego.......

...and while I was marvelling at his Mech work, I was filled with glee to find these video game and cartoon character models and busts also by Fredoichi

Dave Kaleta got us storming the castle with this piece built for the 'MOC Olympics' for the 'Swords & Sorcery' event. Note, not only the detail in the castle itself....but at one of it's attackers...a giant scorpion!

Then there's this true to scale ray gun also by Dave Kaleta. No words do it justice. It's just a beauty to behold. I think it also may shrink humans down to Lego Mini figure size.

Fans of Summer Blockbusters will recognize these gems from Lego Iconic regular, Ochre Jelly,

I'm a daily Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool follower, and when I caught these two edible delights on his page I decided I MUST have them. On my post...and in my belly. If eating Legos is wrong....than I don't wanna be right

Thanks Cal!...nom nom nom!

Who? Who? Another Lego Iconic go-to-guy, Sir Nadroj, perfected this Owl of Ga'Hoole inspired buy the new movie. I won't see the film because it looks a little (yawn) boring to me but, I'd love to have this piece for my collection......

.....Then there's his 'Stitch' statuette...from Disney's 'Lilo & Stitch' fame. Or is is Lilo? I keep forgetting. Damn you, 1 Disney Animated film I haven't seen! Damn you!

...this ones his too. A movie inspired work that creeps me the f*ck out! Buffalo Bill from 'Silence of the Lambs'. "Would you brick me? ...I'd brick me!" Creep!

Than there's this original work 'Tyrant of the Glen' also by Sir Nadroj. I love the way he uses cloth in his original designs. 

And finally, you may not want to go making a deal with this latest work by Sir Nadroj inspired by the Charlie Daniels song 'Devil Went Down to Georgia'. I'm so creeped out, I may not even visit Georgia ever again either just to be safe!

I love original work...and Apocalust has definitely provided with these pieces!

'Volt Pistonwolf'

'Sun Devil'

 Than there's his homage to the great 'Purple One' himself...Prince!

Ulises Farinas has created these great works of art inspired by LEGO version of some of our favorite genres
'Marvel Lego'

'Dr. Who Lego'

'Blackest Knight Lego'

Target has jumped on the Lego lover's bandwagon by offering these 'Bullseye Dog' models for sale in their stores across the country for a limited time only.

Sean Michael Ragan is a very creative so and so. Not only does he's have these syringes on his page in a myriad of colors...he also has the How-to instructions for you kids playing at home. Can we take a blood sample? Shoot you up with heroine? Administer the 'T-Virus' perhaps?

We here at CCD already miss our favorite show of the season AMC's 'Walking Dead' now that it's on hiatus but, thankfully Dunechaser has these great post apocalyptic vehicles and Minifigs that look like they maye be poised for a zombie outbreak. 

Mr. Xenomurphy has one of the most impressive creations on today's post inspired by the great H.P. Lovecraft. Check out his whole set up over at his link for the contest entry. This one's for yoy Mr. Mike D.!

'Til next time Lego Enthusiasts. 
And be sure to email me directly with any leads on impressive Lego creations


  1. Excellent finds Jeff!

    My Mom just handed over my Legos from when I was a kid! I have to get to work!

  2. Compiling these posts are a labor of love. Get to work on something with the kids with your newly unearthed Legos and send me a photo of what you come up with!

    You're my number one fan. Thanks for the tips.

  3. another great post kiddo. You keep knocking these out of the park, they are wonderful!!!

  4. PS- Thanks for the Lovecraft stuff... if you ever come across any Chthulu Lego figures, please include them for me. Also, how have you never seen Lilo & Stitch. Its a must watch. Make time... trust me.