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December 1, 2010

Ke$ha Is On The Cover Of Complex Magazine... Yup, Thats A Win-Win!!!

Ke$ha is on the cover of this months Complex Magazine (with Kanye West on the flip side), and this is a win-win for me. First of all, Complex is my favorite magazine out right now. Marc Ecko and the crew are killing it and I can not get enough of the well rounded publication they put out consistently. Secondly, and most importantly, I have an unhealthy obsession with the dirty girl that is Ke$ha. Yeah, I saw that unflattering pic of her pancake-like ass in that bathing suit... but guess what??? I don't care. I love this filthy bitch, and money is agreeing with her as it seems she has hit the gym a bit between albums. There is a lot of leg featured here, and not much ass at all (coincidence? I think not...) but she still looks damn good... and by damn good I mean filthy good!!! Here is the full photo shoot courtesy of Fashion Indie... I hope you like it!!!

***Please click Read more below to see the rest of the Ke$ha Complex photo shoot***


  1. Fashion Indie is down! No! I need more!

  2. This chick is so grimy. I can't help but dig her still. This shoot was awesome but, I hope it's one of her last 'look at me I'm 80s white-trash chic' photo shoots. I get it that THAT is her style...but I'll welcome a spread here and there were they have her in unusual circumstances. Maybe even just dress her to the nines like a wealthy millionairess. Maybe a space themed photo spread or prehistoric era theme or something. I wanna see more!

  3. The photo shop guy must of put in some heavy over time air brushing this trailer skank.

  4. As oppose to 99.9% of all other covers & photo shoots Erol? Being in the media, you know better then most how important post production is to the final product... and this is especially true with the ole "lad mags". For me, its not her looks... she is not all that hot and doesn't have a Kim K phenom type body. Its the whole package of a filthy bastard that I completely buy into. I don't know what it is... she just have a filth appeal thats unexplainable.

    I'll leave you with this: You show me a photo shoot thats not photoshopped, I'll show you a photo shoot that never made the newsstand.