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December 1, 2010

5 Reasons Why "The Warriors Way" Might Not Suck

Here is the new red band clip from the upcoming martial arts movie The Warriors Way:

Here are 5 reasons why this movie could pan out and be something wonderful:

  1. The martial arts and weapon play look SICK. The plot and story may be a bit suspect (they usually are in MOST martial arts flicks) but some slick fighting goes A LONG WAY!!! Jang Dong Gun looks like he is kciking some serious ninja ass in what we have seen so far.
  2. I love bloody head wounds with sharp objects... I don't know why, but there is something about a headshot with a sword or spear that just does it for me. That one in the clip above is magnificient.
  3. Kate Bosworth is hot as shit. Sure she may have gotten a bit to skinny, but she is still stunning. Not bad eye candy to cut all the kicking and punching a bit... god I hope she surfs in this movie (I know, I know... its a longshot!!!)
  4. Geoffrey Rush.... 'nuff said!
  5. The film is being produced by Lord of the Rings trilogy producer Barrie M Osborne and features costumes from 3 time Academy Award winning costume designer James Acheson... these guys have a pedigree about them and their involvement along with Rush & Bosworth lend a lot of credability to this film.
The Warriors Way opens December 3rd... click here to see more on the films official website.

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