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December 27, 2010

Christmas Left Overs... Gotta Love These Posts!!!

Like all of the major holidays, we tend to overconsume just about everything... gifts, food, sexy women dressed in Christmas outfits (yeah, I ran 12 days worth of those on CCD. You don't like it, get your own fucking site!!!), so just like your fridge we have some left overs that we wanted to post but didn't find the time to. I love Christmas, so this is me holding on to the holidays for just one extra day. Enjoy!!!

Check out Mad Men & Community star Alison Brie singing Santa Baby via Warming Glow:


I love this Rudolph the Red Nose X Man pic from Cal at The Cave of Cool:

Lost Marvel 2 in 1 posted this mashup featuring The Thing and Rudolph teaming up to save Xmas:

Thanks guys... check out those links above to see 3 really cool sites. These guys are the best in the blog-ness (See what I did there??? Mashing up blog & business... hehehe)

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  1. Those are the appropriate thigh-highs for Christmas! Schwing!