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December 13, 2010

Artist Profile: Mike Monge aka Supermonge!!!

I became friends with Mr Mike Monge through CCD's Tommy Lombardozzi... he is a wonderful artist that has a very unique style and way about designing classic characters with his own distinct spin on things. He has tons of prints available for sale on his Supermonge website, and you can also see some of his older work on his blogspot page (click the links for both!!!) While I'm sure he can draw just about anything, his Star Wars Universe & Superhero work are some of my favorites. He also does custom commissions, so if you know anybody that is really into art, maybe he can get something whipped up for you by Christmas. Check out some of my personal favorites of his wonderful work!!!

***Please click Read more below to see more of Mike Monge's artwork***


  1. The fantastic thing about Monge's art isn't just that every character is accurately and recognizably rendered, but every drawing retains his own unique style without overpowering the subject. Just look at the attitude he gets out of the sandtrooper.

  2. I'd have liked a little info from Mike about how he goes about drawing his pieces; why he chooses a character, what his medium is, what his process is. But that's just nerd artist stuff that interests me. And hey, Mike D., Betty & Veronica, kid! NICE! Good job, Monge.

  3. Dig this guy's style.....

    And it seems he coincidentally is into EVERYTHING that we are.

    War Machine and IronMan rock!

    Great stuff!

  4. Mike Mongello is a truly gifted artist. He captures the soul in all his creations. I believe he will be a success, as it is clear that he loves what he is doing & you can feel that love in his artwork.

    Danielle Oliva

  5. Hey Danielle & bmj2K,

    Glad to see you are fans of Mikes work... did you guys become followers on CCD? Please do so, as we would love to have you back for the tons of content we have to offer.


    I hear ya... maybe its something we can revisit at a later date with Mr Monge!!! Archie = Sad Mike D... lol!


    Glad you liked it kid!!!

  6. Danielle, Barry and Jeff..Thanks So Much for the Comments and Checking my stuff out...Seriously Appreciated...

    Tommy's Idea is definitely a Great one, Thanks TL...

    I work Mostly Digitally and sometimes when I tell people that, they think I just press "Control X" or something and the computer draws whatever is in my brain haha..So yeah I'd love to do a step by step thing sometime...
    Thanks Again Mike D...The Blog Looks Awesome and Betty and Veronica are definitely Archie-Less for your Enjoyment haha...

  7. BIG DAY!!! BID DAY INDEED!!!! i'm in looooooove with the girl with the guitar, Mike. you know i've always looked up to you and you gave me the best tip for my work that i have ever gotten. you prolly don't remember what it was, ha! i'll remind you one day, Big Day lol. and this is GREAT WORK MY FRIEND!!!!! i love the classic Batman and Robin. and honestly, i can't wait till i read another review on you!