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November 18, 2010

A-Yo, Tony... Take It Easy Frenchie!!!!

Tony Parker, star point guard of the San Antonio Spurs, is a pimp... this is undeniable. He bagged one of the hottest hotties, Eva Langoria... and not only did he bag her, he bagged her when she was on the top of the TV world with her hit sitcom "Desperate Housewives". You don't believe she is a piece of ass... here is proof:

Anywho, a story broke on Tuesday that Parker was filing for divorce from Ms. Eva in Texas... which was promptly denied by Eva on Tuesday night. Well, that reconcilliation must not have went so well, because Eva filed her own divorce petition in L.A. on Wednesday. So much for that. But there is much more to the story. TMZ has broken the real story behind the breakup (of course they did!!!), and apparently there is another woman involved. Not only was Tony sinking his balls in another chicks basket (see what I did there... thats good, and you know it!!!), but it was former teammate Brent Barry's wife Erin... who was a friend to Eva!!! Oh shit son... just another reason to hate the French!!! That frog leg eating son of a bitch was fucking his teammates wife and then forcing Eva to hang out with the bitch he is tapping. Don't believe me again? Don't take my word for it:

That is the lowest thing you can do when you are an athlete... your teammates chicks are off limits. You just don't do that... unless you are Delonte West. Then you don't fuck your teammates girl, you fuck their mom... take that to South Beach, Lebron!!! So for now, the shit is over for Eva & Tony.... so here are 4 more pictures of this newly single hot piece of ASS for you guys to enjoy!!! Just click Read more below to see the photos!!! Any thoughts on this one? Tell us in the comment section below.


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