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November 18, 2010

The Two Worst People To Campaign For Safe Sex Do Just That....

Are you fucking kidding somebody? Better yet... what the fuck is The Candie Foundation, and who the fuck is in charge there, Mickey Mouse? How else can you justify putting Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Bristol "Baby Maker" Palin in an abstinence PSA. Jesus Christ on a cross, this is a joke right? I could see this as a skit on Funny or Die or on SNL, but if this is real.... well, then the apocalypse must truly be on us. Here are 5 questions that come immediately to mind.

  1. How many times did The Situation say the word "situation" in that clip?
  2. How fat & wide is B Palin's (Really... B Palin?) head?
  3. How is the fact that Bristol Palin had a kid at 17 a minor fact that is merely glazed over?
  4. Does this d-bags button down shirt really have a plunging necklne to rival J-Lo's green Versace dress?
  5. Magnums huh... isnt that convenient???
I hope this is the last we have to see of these two wastes of life, even though I know that won't be the case. Especially Palin. Don't planes go down in whiteout blizzards over Alaska all the time? What... one can hope, can't he?

Thanks to Tosh.0 for the clip...

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