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November 18, 2010

OHC of the Day: Autumn Reeser

Although she had a starring role on seasons 3 & 4 of the WB show The O.C., can you really honestly say you know what the character known as Taylor Townshend real name was. If you said Autumn Reeser, you would be right... and a dick because her name is in the title. I digress... Autumn Reeser is the epitome of an Obscure Hot Chick, because you know her. She has been in stuff that is main stream, but not at the forefront. Her contributions are memorable, but leave you wondering "whats that chicks name again???" over and over. She is Lizzie Grant, the agent who almost brought down super agent Ari Gold on Entourage by secretly taping him. She is also Layla, a semi reoccuring character on Fox's criminally underated The Human Target. She has been in two sequels to classic movies, Lost Boys: The Tribe & Smoking Aces 2: Assasins Ball, that both sucked major balls. But she did look hot in them. She even portrayed a character (Lisette Handley) in the video game Red Alert 3. But now she may have finally recieved a breakout role, as she is a main cast member of ABC's No Ordinary Family. Family tells the story of parents and two kids who gain superpowers after a plane crash. Reeser plays a lab tech for Dr. Mom Julie Benz... which means she is constantly on screen with Benz, and that can never be a bad thing (they are some sexy lab workers, no?). The show has been a suprise hit, and Reeser's character is integral to the show. Her role on Entourage is sure to increase n the upcoming season, and that show is almost done... and that means moving on to bigger and better things. Obscure for now, but that will likely change soon enough. Enjoy the pics.... many more after the jump by clicking Read more below!!!!

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