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November 23, 2010

Since I Am A H.P. Lovecraft Freak...

... I have just ordered this wonderful, award winning short film entitled "Dirt Dauber" for a mere 12 bucks. I have been waiting on this one to become available for awhile, as it seems to have the Lovecraftian elements (mayhem, monsters, and all kinds of unexplained violence & weirdness) that I absolutely adore. You can order the movie on Amazon by clicking here, and you can check out the film's website here. Also, here is the synopsis:
In this Lovecraftian fairy tale, a man who awakens naked and confused in the woods is helped by a strange local who speaks of curious mountain folklore, and a murderous religious cult that worships an insect-like fertility god that dwells deep inside the mountain. The two men go underground in search of the truth, and soon find themselves in a stygian black temple of horror.

Here is the trailer as well... support short films and order this one!!!!

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