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November 23, 2010

If This Pic Is True, This Would Go A Long Way For Me...

... I am one of those people who loves the music of Michael Jackson, but can not get over his alleged past indiscretions with children. To me its irrelevant if he did anything or not... I was more offended by his cavalier attitude towards the whole problem. He never backed down on his right to have sleepovers with kids, and that rubbed me the wrong way. But then Jeff Bond send me this photo, and I hope to god it is a real one:

If this pic is true, I will feel much better because it shows that Mike liked little people (not kids... an easy misunderstanding, no?) and was a freaky motherfucker that liked to get down!!! (In a wild & crazy kinda way). And he is chugging what seems to be well vodka out the bottle.... my man!!!


  1. That photo looks real to me. He's probably just holding the bottle to his lips for the camera though. Don't think he was ever much of a boozer.

  2. No, he perfered the essence of young men.... and by essence, I mean ball sweat!!! lol!!!

  3. or 'preferred'...jerk.

    I hope the ghost of MJ touches you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable as you sleep!

  4. Oh, the spelling police got me again... notice everybody, no reaction to my pedophile comments... damn pedophile apologists!!!!

  5. I give up trying to convert you from the media-biased views of Michael Jackson that you've been brainwashed with for decades. It's much easier to attack your spelling.