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November 4, 2010

OHC Of the Day The Day: Jamie Chung

Good lord, fame has been a long time coming for our Obscure Hot Chick of the Day Jaime Chung. This hotter then wasabi bombshell has taken a long and hard road to becoming a featured actress... and after all her hard work and perseverance, it looks like its paying off. It all started back in 2004 when she was one of the 7 cast mates picked for 'Real World: San Diego'. The 14th season of the show was one marred by a crazy rape controversy and was really entertaining, but Chung was very low key and not a huge presence on the show. She made a courtesy appearance on 'The Challenge: Inferno II', the MTV reality show star competition, and was on the victorious team. The prolonged exposure on that show must have garnered her some attention, as the minor TV roles started to come in. She appeared in 'Veronica Mars', 'Greek', 'CSI: NY', 'ER', and a few other shows. She also had appeared as a Hooters Waitress in 'Chuck & Larry' (whats with Adam Sandler and Hooters?), and bigger roles in two horrible movies, 'Dragonball: Evolution' & 'Sorority Row'. But then she began to turn the corner, again appearing in a Sandler movie ('Grown Ups') as Rob Schneider's daughter (wait... what?!?). Now, she has two major projects on the horizon that are sure to push her over the top. One is hotshot director Zack Snyder's fantasy/fairytale epic 'Sucker Punch!' with a ton of sexy young ladies (Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish... good lord!) & a small little sequel called The Hangover 2'. You may have heard of it.... so if we call Jaime an OHC right now, just know that its a title she won't be occupying for long. Enjoy the pics!!!

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