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November 5, 2010

Aunt May, Uncle Ben... Check!!!

Goodnes gracious, Sony is pulling out the big guns for their upcoming Spiderman reboot... and they are aiming high for the supporting cast!!! Word has hit the interwebs (thanks Den of Geek & /Film for the tips!) that Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker will be taught life lessons by Martin Sheen & Sally Field as Uncle Ben & Aunt May. This is wonderful news. Think about this cast so far. Garfield is a great young actor... he really has chops. Will that make for a good wallcrawler? Lets hope so. Then you got the lovely Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy & former CCD Obscure Hot Chick of the day Elena Satine as Mary Jane Watson providing the sex appeal. Factor in Rhys Ifans as Curt Conners/ The Lizard, and you got yourself a pretty solid cast for Marc Webb's new take on everyones favorite neighborhood webhead.

I like some of the stuff they are doing, like the fact that Peter won't be with Mary Jane & the fact that they are using a villian in The Lizard that was teased but did not appear in the original trilogy. A lot of people (Um... JEFF BOND!!!) are a little concerned with the fact that they  are already rebooting a franchise that is still barely a decade old, and that point is extremely valid. With so much adaptable material out there, why re-tread this story... especially after Sam Raimi did it so well (um, well... 2 outta 3 aint bad, right?) But Marc Webb is a talented director, I am a huge fan of Garfield after The Red Riding Trilogy (watch this if you haven't seen it... Netflix Instant son!!!), and the supporting cast just keeps getting better and better.... I am starting to get more excited for this project. Let's see who the cast as J. Jonah Jameson. Nobody has ever given a more perfect depiction of a previously played character in history as J.K Simmons did... thats gonna be some tough shoes to fill. What are your thoughts on the Spiderman reboot? Tell us in the comment section below. We want to know what you think!!!   


  1. All solid casting so far. I don't even know if Mary Jane is going to be in it, the Satine rumors haven't really taken off, especially considering they've been releasing the major cast pretty quickly over the past few weeks.(Although, interesting to note, she will be playing Mera on an upcoming episode of Smallville). I personally like Elena, she's got that supermodel look that MJ is supposed to have (the one flaw amongst the Spider-Man movies...well, besides Spider-Man 3). Martin Sheen is a pretty good choice, and Sally Field seems well apt to play the younger, sassier Aunt May that was in Ultimate Spider-Man, which they're using as an influence. I just hope they don't use that as the only source, I'd like to see a mix of that and 616 as opposed to a direct adaptation.

    Also, am I the only one who think it'd be cooler if all the Marvel movies took place in the 60's?

  2. Satine was the first, first rumors of casting... check the date on that OHC yo!!! It really all fits. They are downplaying Mary Jane's involvement, focusing in on Gwen Stacy (who just happens to be big star Emma Stone), and not really needing to bring Satine up at all (yet). She is probably gonna be a throw in on the 1st one, but her role will increase. The other announcements are of bigger stars and more important roles.

    I like your 60's ideas. Cant wait for the 60's Xmen...

  3. Definitely like the 60s Marvel everything idea. Not so excited about Spiderman in general. I hopr this one brings something new to the table.