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November 19, 2010

Joe Koch Comics Warehouse Has Something For Everybody...

Joe Koch in just one of the aisles... look how many books!!!
... even you!!! Imagine a place where there were 200,000 back issues of comics that cost only 1 buck, thousands of graphic novels for 6 bucks a pop (or 4 for $20), hundreds of vintage toys, posters & magazines for under 3 bucks, and hundreds of thousands of more rare geek finds for sale under one roof. Now here is the catch... this place is REAL!!! It's called Joseph Koch's Comic Warehouse and if you need to pick up some gifts for the geeks in your life for Christmas, then you are in luck. Joe & the gang are having a warehouse sale this weekend, Nov. 20th & 21nd, at their Sunset Park, Brooklyn location. Usually Joe only offers the warehouse up to appointments, and I have had the pleasure of having one such appointment. To sum up the contents of this place, I can only use one word: DAUNTING!!! Its not a matter of finding something to buy there. Instead, its a matter of figuring out what you want to put back because you have too much stuff in you bag for the checkout counter.

My Swag from my last trip to Joseph Koch Comics Warehouse!!!
The staff has the place wired, and even though it looks chaotic inside, its an organized chaos. I scored tons of great vintage comic posters for my son Mikey's bedroom, about 10 graphic novels, a gift for fellow blogger Johnny Boots over at Freddy In Space, and a ton of back issues of Plastic Man because he is currently Mikey's go-to superhero. Friend & CCD contributor, Tommy Lombardozzi, came along as well, and he had a ton of shit in his bag... all in all, a great place. I even got interviewed by the local newspaper 'The Brooklyn Paper' for a story they were doing (click here to see it). So make sure you make your way over to 41st St & 2nd Ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and follow the signs... if you are a nerd, geek, comic dork, toy collector, memorabilia lover... well, this is the place for you!!!


  1. AMAZING!! We are so bummed out this is so so very far from us. We're seriously considering a ROAD TRIP!

  2. I'm sorry Chantale.... where is it you guys are located? I absolutely love your site... you guys are hysterical. I will be voting for you in the movie411 blog contest, you can bet that. If you are ever in NYC, let us know... you got friends right here in the CCD family!!!

  3. loved organised chaos places like this, must be so interesting there