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October 28, 2010

This Might Not Be The Way You May Remember Your Favorite Horror Films Pt. 1

Check out Peter & Benny, or as the are know to the online community "Two Swedes Sweding", as they re-create some of your all time horror faves in their own unique way. When I say unique, I mean.... uh, um, well... why don't you just watch for yourselves!!! The videos are courtesy of AMC and they have been sprinkled in as commercial spots during AMC's FrightFest. I collected them all here for you in one spot. Which ones are your favorites??? Tell us in the comment section below.

Friday The 13th

John Carpenter's Halloween

The Shining

Pet Sematary

Dawn of the Dead (Remake)

1 comment:

  1. Their take on Halloween is probably the best 'Halloween' spoof I've ever seen. Hysterical.