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October 29, 2010

Rocky Horror, I Love You!!!

I absolutely adore The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Its one of my all time favorite movies, ever... not just horror movies, ALL MOVIES!!! In honor of the fact that I have watched this movie like 40,000 times at home, over 6 times in the theater, and once on Broadway I have decided to include my 5 favorite songs from the movie. I hope you enjoy these wonderful musical numbers... If you are a fan of Rocky Horror, leave a comment in the section below. Now.... Lets... Do... The... Time... Warp... Again!!!

Science Fiction/ Double Feature

Toucha, Toucha,Toucha Touch Me

Hot Patootie (Saturday Night)

There's A Light

I'm Going Home

*****Bonus Choice*****

I really thought they did a great job on the Glee Rocky Horror episode. They found a cool way to incorporate the musical into the flow of the show without just straight ripping it off. This was the highlight, by far...

Glee Cast - The Time Warp

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  1. I got something for those Glee chicks. It's rocky AND it's horrible! Bwaaaahahahahaa!