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October 29, 2010

Joe Panther Presents: Demented Disney & The Devils Eyes

Check out these two wonderful short films from friend of CCD's Joe Panther. This guy knows how to put  some horrifying shit onto celluloid. This is why we love em!!!! Go to his Facebook page by clicking here to see some of Joe's great artwork and other stuff. Enjoy!!!

Demented Disneys - The title says it all! Demented Joe turning childhood icons into drugged out, psychotic, and destructive degenerates. That's what I do! I got a kick out of animating this. Now everyone wants a movie. Yeah right.. You want to pay me, bitch?! Nah.. I'd do it if I had any solid ideas behind it. I don't, unfortunately. Not one! Pisses me off..

Michael Myers: The Devil's Eyes - Speed drawings can be annoying. I wanted to get it done in under an hour, but it took nearly three hours to finish. Then all that compression to speed it up is ridiculous when you're using imovie. Final Cut all the way!
I'm still considering selling this, but it won't be cheap. It's all ready framed and on my wall. So for that reason, it's worth more 'cause I'll have to part with it… And because it's from me, you should be honored and willing to pay more. :D


  1. Good stuff! I always laugh at that Disney clip! Hahaha.

  2. Love, love, LOVE The Devils Eyes clip. Awesome work, Joe.

  3. Thanks sweetie.. I'm actually talking to Tommy.


    Thanks guys! :D