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October 7, 2010

OHC Of The Day: Ashlynn Yennie

Whenever I'm choosing another lovely young lady to feature in our OHC column (Obscure Hot Chick) it takes me awhile to figure out who I'm going to pick. The goal of this column is to expose you guys to someone who is kinda on the radar but poised to bust out in a major way. It helps that they are easy to look at (always a bonus). Ashlynn Yennie fits this description to a T. Even though she starred in one of last years most talked about features, The Human Centipede, you would be hard pressed to pick her out of a crowd. That's probably because she spent around 3/4 of the film with her mouth attached to the ass of her beautiful co-star Ashley C. Williams (a up & coming OHC in her own right... check back soon!). Now even though that sounds promising (perverts), those of you guys who have seen the movie know that its not so sexy. I was a fan of the flick from the moment I saw it, and having been lucky enough to meet the centipede trifecta at the 2010 Big Apple Comic Con I am even more inclined to jump on the bandwagon. Ashlynn was gracious enough to take a bit extra time after our interview with the group to discuss her role in the Bloody Best photography project. Even though the project is shrouded in secrecy, Yennie told us there is more to come... and she will be featured in more photos. She also has another horror movie getting lots of buzz, called Fetch, coming soon. She also hinted that we might see her in some more mainstream "franchise/tent pole" movie coming soon, but couldn't comment further (or did she... I caught that hint Ash!!!) She is also getting involved with the Bowling for Boobies charity, which you can get more info on by clicking here. All in all, she is a fresh face with a bright future and a lovely personality to match her stunning looks. Thanks for all the love Ashlynn... we here at CCD wish you all the best!!!

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