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October 7, 2010

Captain Zorikh On Captain Marvel... Pay Attention!

Meet Zorikh Lequidre... we did at The 2010 Big Apple Comic Con. He is an interesting character to say the least. I was drawn to his table because he had a huge sign with what many would mistake as The Flash logo... but I knew it was the symbol of one of my favorite superheroes, The Big Red Cheese himself, Captain Marvel. You might also know him by the name of Shazam, even though that is the name of the wizard who gave him his powers and what he says to transform and not his actual moniker. Either way, Captain Marvel is often looked at to be a rip off of Superman, which is pretty silly since the Captain was much more poupular than Supes for the first few decades of their existence. He was one of the first characters to get his own "family" of related characters to appear in his books, and his female counterpart Mary Marvel was on the scene at least 15 years before Supergirl. The legendary battles that Capt. has had against the likes of Dr. Sivana, Captain Nazi, and Black Adam are the stuff of legends. The dude deserves some respect.

Now, there is no way a story as old and steeped in tradition as this is cut and dry. Due to rights changing hands between rival publishing companies, there have been many incarnations of Captain Marvel. Quite a few actually... no fewer then 12, according to Capt. Zorikh. That is why he and his co-author Evan Azriliant are writing the definitive history of the character, entitled "Captain Marvel Culture". They are currently raising money to have the project published, and they are doing this by selling pamphlets of the first two chapters for 5 dollars each, or two for 8 bucks. Thats a bargain, so we picked up the pamphlets to support the cause. We also chatted with the batty Capt. Zorikh on tape, and we have that here for you now:


Make sure you check out the two websites associated with the Captain Marvel Culture book project by clicking here and here. Make sure you show these guys support. Great jacket Capt. Zorikh... keep up the good work!!! Oh, and is that Mary Marvel actress you had with you available for corporate events??? She was lovely... Long Live The Big Red Cheese!!!