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October 26, 2010

Funniest Rape/Horror Movie Joke I Have Heard In Awhile

Oh look... It's Ole Rape Eyes!!!
I was perusing my Blogroll as I do everyday when I came across the "Whats On Tonight" post over at Warming Glow, CCD's favorite TV site. Anyway, when  came to the AMC show list, this is what I got.... wow, just wow:
  • Halloween (AMC) — When it comes to scary movies, I prefer spooky to slashy: I’ll always take The Shining and The Exorcist over Freddy and Jason and Michael Myers. Rosemary’s Baby doesn’t make my list, though. I don’t know, the scene where Satan rapes Rosemary… I just expected more from a rape expert like Roman Polanski.

Thank you so much for that... it put a smile on my face, and if you don't care for rape humor... well, fuck you then and try to develop a sense of humor... that was a good one. Anyway, check out Warming Glow by clicking here. Know any good rape based jokes??? Leave em in the comments section below. (No true stories Tommy L and Joe Esq, just the JOKES.... hehehe)