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October 12, 2010

Captain America: Super Soldier... Wow, Just Wow!!!

If the upcoming Captain America movie is anywhere nearly as good as the new Captain America: Super Soldier game from Sega is... well, then we should all be some pretty happy fanboys and girls. Even though the movie and game will not be released until 2011, the guys over at Sega had a playable demo available at their booth during the 2010 NYC Comic Con. We were lucky enough to get a 15 minute hands on experience of the game with a Sega staffer taking us through the game. Check out the video of this unbelievable looking game:

The fluidity of the Captain and the athleticism that he displays is just amazing, and the combos that he was unleashing on those Hydra agents looked like they were pulled right off the comic book page. And what about that slow down, face mask cracking super punch??? Wow... just wow. The game will be epic in scope, and will not follow the exact storyline of the movie. We were assured that many of the traditional cast of characters from Cap's history will make appearances. Expect to see Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Arnim Zola, Hydra, and maybe even Bucky.. our good friends over at Sega would not confirm this, but they did not deny any of that either!!! Check back here at CCD for more updates on both the Captain America: Super Soldier video game and Captain America: The First Avenger movie in the coming months. What did you guys think of the game play in the video??? Let us know in the comment section below.

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