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October 12, 2010

Good Game TV: A Streaming Site With Alot More To Offer Then Just The Movies...

We had a chance to catch up with the guys from Good Game TV at the recent 2010 NYC Comic Con, and boy were we blown away by what they have to offer on their site. Anytime I see a poster advertising Tokyo Gore Police and Ichi the Killer available for streaming, my interest is automatically peaked. Bryan took a few minutes out of the hecticness that was the Good Game TV booth to explain some of the virtues of GGTV over other streaming sites. Check it out:

So there you go... not only do you get access to a huge library of films including obscure and hard to find genre, foreign, and anime/animated titles... you get ALL THE SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE BLU-RAY/ DVD!!! This is where Netflix Instant Streaming and all the rest of the streaming sites fall short, because you get the movies and thats that. Here you get all the extras, commentary tracks, and multiple versions of the films... if they are on the real discs, the features are yours. Make sure you check out Good Game TV (you can do so by clicking here) and if you needed anymore reasons, try this: If you act now, your first rental is totally free!!! Get over there right now and start your account... and tell em Mike D & CCD sent ya!!!

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