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September 21, 2010

3 Titans Of Horror Check Back In With New Flicks...

... and I wonder if any of them will be any good. Wes Craven, Joe Dante, and John Carpenter all have new features coming out in the next couple of weeks, and I for one am excited about all of the releases. But that is probably the optimist in me. Craven and Dante have not done movies in quite a bit, and Carpenter's last few outings were terrible at best (except Vampires, that movie is fucking boss!!!). Due to their pedigree as horror movie icons behind the lens, I am looking forward to see if they can regain some past glories. Lets see what they got coming up.

Wes Craven - My Soul To Take 3-D

So this is Wes Craven's triumphant return behind the camera, his first turn as a director since 1994's New Nightmare. In this one, we get a new serial killer named the Ripper. He vows to return and kill all the babies that were born the night he met his demise after being caught. Now the 7 kids that were brought into the world that faithful night must struggle to stay alive when Rip comes back to make good on his promise. This one looks creepy enough, and maybe Craven can take a cast of relative unknowns to the same heights he did with the guys and gals from Scream. We shall see. This one opens October 9th.

Joe Dante - The Hole 3-D

I love Joe Dante... absolutely love him and his films. I think its because he made some dark and twisted horror movies that were also kid and family friendly... but still scared you a bit. Not to mention that Gremlins and the 'Burbs are two of my all time favorite movies. Now he checks back with his first film in quite a bit, and it sounds right up his alley. 3 kids find a trap door in their basement, and when they figure out that it is pretty much bottomless, they begin to wonder where it goes... and what the fuck can be down there. I love this premise, kind of like The Gate from the 80's but with updated technology to make the inner workings of the hole kinda awesome. This one should be getting released shortly, although no release date has been set. Lets hope Dante still got that magic... I sure hope so.

John Carpenter - The Ward

Now we get to what might be the most troubling entry on this list. John Carpenter is a horror god. Halloween is one of the best, if not the best, horror movie ever made (that's open to debate... everyone has their faves). Carpenter hasn't directed a movie since Ghosts of Mars, and Ice Cube has to be thanking god for that. The movie was pretty awful, and that's me being generous. But now Carpenter is coming back with a new flick, and this one has hotties Amber Heard and Danielle Panabaker living in a mental institution. Now we know the chicks are cute, but will the movie be any good??? That's probably the question everybody is asking, including Carpenter. We will have to see...

Which ones are you looking forward to seeing??? Do you think these guys still got it???  Let us know in the comment section below. 


  1. The new trend of horror movies in 3D is catching on like wild fire, and there will be no stopping it. In no time we’ll be watching 3D films on our couches! I’ve been keeping a list on the new films being released in 3D and Scar 3D looks very promising. Looks like October 1st is gonna be a historical day in 3D horror movie history!

  2. Yup... Me personally, I think horror is where 3-d should be. Its great for the medium, and if done well, will definetly magnify scares. I love My Bloody Valentine 3-D, and I heard Piranha was great... we'll see!!