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September 21, 2010

Locke & Linus: Law Enforcement... I Like It!!!

As if everyones favorite producer/director JJ Abrams doesn't have enough on his plate with new sitcom Undercovers starting this week, Star Trek 2 and Super 8 on the movie horizon, and 6 million other projects that he is attached to... he has now also taken on the role of trying to create a cop show featuring the two top Lost cast members, Terry "Locke" O'Quinn and Michael "Ben" Emerson. God I hope this happens, and if it does, lets hope Emerson can use the smoke monster as a weapon like in the picture above!!! No seriously though, I think these guys can work well together. If they are given the right type of show with a well written script, they will definetly rock the shit out of it. There was also a rumor last week that Abrams was attached to a Alcatraz based show... maybe they will be cops on Alcatraz??? Who knows... but I can not wait to see!!!


  1. I'm excited! Rumor has it the working title is 'Odd Jobs' and they'll be playing retired government spies living in suburbia.