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August 18, 2010

Stormtroopers, Lovecraftian Old Ones, and Graboids... Oh My!!!

Here are some wacky videos that have come my way over the past two days. Thanks to all you guys emailing me these cool stories, because I watch these videos and I laugh my head off. Hope you guys enjoy!

First up, we see what Stormtroopers do when they want to let off a bit of steam on the dance floor. This guy breaks it down son! Check out the two little troops CGIed into the background, and R2D2 providing a little rebel flare to group. I like the modern take on Singin In The Rain... not as good as Alex in A clockwork Orange, but still good. Shout to Jeff Bond for this one.

Next up, we get an animated re-telling of one of my favorite H.P.Lovecraft stories, The Call Of Cthulhu. It may not be the way you remember it (Cthulhu won an Oscar??? WTF) But it is still cool as shit. Thanks to The Brothers Grim & Grimy for this 2 minute masterpiece.

Frank Robnik and the boys over at IO9 bring you a firsthand look at the underground world of Graboids, or the wormlike creatures that tortured the life of Kevin Bacon and the dad from Family Ties in the 90's movie series Tremors. That was one of my all time favorite 90's movies, and this informational video helps keep me out of harms way. Stay on solid ground, clown!!!

Monstrous Wildlife from Frank Robnik on Vimeo.

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