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August 30, 2010

Ok Bruce Willis, Lets Get To Work...

Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors, and to be honest with you guys, it's not why you think. It's not because of the Die Hard movies (I do love them) or The Last Boyscout (unreal!!!) or any of the other billion dollar movies he has made... no, its because of his role as Hudson Hawk.

Now I know that this is not his best work, but this is the film that made me love Willis as an actor. Not to mention the fact its one of my all time favorites (don't knock it till you re-watch it... it holds up!!!)

Anyway, over the weekend there has been some grumbles about some really cool projects that may include the great Bruce in some capacity, and to be perfectly frank, his involvement in both of these projects makes them much more exciting for me.

First up, Sylvester Stallone has joined Twitter and one of his first Tweets was that he had a great idea for The Expendables Pt. 2. Why not bring back possible CIA affiliate Church (who was played by Willis) and make him the new villain? He was not totally honest with Sly and the team when he hired them to overthrow the drug trade in Vilena, so maybe the gang wants to go exact some revenge on Mr. Church? I like this because its not often big name actors get to play villains, and this can be fun. Especially if we get to see these 5 guys back in action again:

Next, we have a rumor that Willis himself is calling executives over at Marvel's movie division and is expressing interest in portraying Benjamin Grimm in the new Fantastic Four reboot. He would appear shortly in the beginning of the movie, and would voice the CGI version of the Big Orange Machine throughout the rest of the movie. Also rumored to be involved in this film are Adrien Brody for Mr. Fantastic and Amber Heard as Invisible Girl, and True Bloods favorite good guy vamp Stephen Moyer as the evil Dr. Doom. I kinda liked the campyness of the two FF movies, but I know they were cheesy. Can they make a truly cutting edge/ sci-fi version of FF??? With this cast they can.... lets see how this all plays out. If these rumors are true, please Bruce: Say YES!!!! 

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