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August 30, 2010

2 TV Remakes Coming Up This Fall That I Could Not Care Less About...

... until I saw the promo posters for them!!! These shows have been on my radar for a bit, but I was not so psyched for them because they would be rehashing older programs. But now that I have had the pleasure of checking out a few of the promo posters on the NYC subway system, my attitude may have changed. First up, we have a Hawaii Five-0 remake/sequel series.

The original show featured Jack Lord as McGarrett, leader of an elite unit that operated in Hawaii, the 50th state (get the title now???) Here is what the original looked like:

This is what they will be looking like now:

And they are adding a hottie to the team, young recruit Kona:

Scott Caan has been stealing scenes in everything he has been in his whole career, I can not wait to see Jin from Lost kick some ass, and I like that its a fresh take on the series... but  the main character will be a version of Jack Lord's characters son instead of trying to re-do that great 12 year run of Mcgarrett. I am in!!!

Next up, we have martial arts superwoman Maggie Q taking on the roll of Nikita.You have seen this character before in the classic 1990 Luc Besson movie Nikita, the 1993 American remake Point of No Return, and the late 90's TV show Le Femme Nikita. All of the incarnations have a beautiful secret agent that goes rouge against the organiztion that she works for, and involve lots of high powered guns and action. Since it was a 4th shot at this material, I was on yawn about this.... until I saw these posters:

Wowsers... on second thought... I might check this out. The CW has been doing alright with shows lately, and to be honest I can not think of a better role for Maggie Q. She is gorgeous, sexy, and more then capable to do the physical aspects of the role. And if you can bring yourself to stop looking at Ms. Q for a second (god-damn!!!) take a look at that artillery!!! I will give this a shot.

Both will be on the fall schedule, so stay tuned for when. I will be posting a fall TV preview shortly. Are you excited for these two new shows??? Tell us in the comment section below.

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