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August 3, 2010

OHC of the Day: Karen Gillan

OHC stands for Obscure Hot Chick of the day... just another beautiful actress that you may or may not know as of yet... but we are sure you will soon. Her name is Karen Gillan but, all the Who-nerds in Dr.Who-ville will recognize her as the good doctor's New Companion Amelia 'Amy' Pond in the latest incarnation of BBC's 'Dr. Who' TV series. Rumor has it that her character was working for a company  that had her delivering kissing telegrams before she became a staple at the doctor's side. Here at CCD, we're just wondering if the curtains match the drapes...or if the curtains have simply been removed. Meow-Wow. Guess we have to start watching more episodes of 'Dr. Who'.

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  1. She is the bomb. She was the reason I watched this season of Dr Who.