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August 5, 2010

I've Seen Some Crazy Costumes At Comic Con Before, But This Takes The Cake...

I wonder if they spent all 4 days like this, attending panels and such??? Hmmmm.... First Sequence, begin now!!!!


  1. The Human Centipede! Crazy fucks!

    Have you ever seen the trailer for this movie? I saw the trailer but I have yet to see the movie. I probably will not see it!

  2. Joe, I have seen the movie... and while it is definetly sick, it was actually quite good. Its disgusting, sure, but the back story and the way it all plays out is actually quite good. I reccommend it wholeheartedly!!!!

  3. With that being said, these three buffoons crawling around with their faces taped to each others asses in public is fucking rediculous, no???? I wrote one of my first posts on the gtrailer for this movies back in Jan (Check it out)but never thought it would become so popular.