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August 23, 2010

Are You A Made Man? Mafia II Review by Edson Melendez

Release Date: August 24
Systems: Xbox 360-PS3-PC

When Mafia 1 was released in 2004 for the Xbox I had dismissed it as a Grand Theft Auto clone. Fast forward six years later and after playing the demo for Mafia II I am starting to believe that I might have made a mistake.

Mafia II is set in the fictional city of “Empire Bay” at the end of World War II. You play Vito Scaletta, a returning veteran who comes home to find his father dead and his family in debt. The story follows Vito from 1945 to 1957 as he ventures out to become a “Made Man.”

My experience with the game was only limited to the demo available now but in it was a competent third person open world adventure game that has a highly cinematic feel to it. From the cut-scenes to the actual gameplay I felt more like I was watching an old school mob flick than playing a game. The voice acting is well done and the background music is filled with period appropriate music.

The game while only being single player plays well with the shooting mechanic feeling very natural, an excellent cover system as well as the ability to melee your enemies help round out the characters actions. The driving felt more grounded than other similar titles as well as the police AI made the game seem a bit more realistic. I found that out as I blew through a stop light and a police cruiser gave chase calling for backup for a speeding car.

With the demo ending on a cliffhanger I am happy that I gave this game a chance. I’m looking forward to playing it later this month. Hopefully you will all agree as well.

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