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August 23, 2010

Now For Some Cool Videos From Around The Web

Our email box is brimming with a bunch of cool stuff that people want to see up on CCD, so I am consolidating a few of these tips into one post. Here are the coolest videos we have seen in the past few days that are making us happy... hope you enjoy! Post your comments on the videos below.

First up, the ever trustworthy Jeff Bond gives us this video of Nedzad Klicic... the real Rambo.

Next, we have life imitating art... well, video games. I give you a real life bike path that has MarioKart obstacles painted into it... watch out for them bananas Toad!!!

Finally, we have Funny or Die's version of the My Buddy/ Kid Sister commercials for the Fisher Price toys. These kids are pretty fucked up, no??? Love the nut kick....

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