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July 28, 2010

OHC of the Day: Dania Ramirez

Oh my, my, my... Ms. Ramirez, how you have grown before our eyes!!! Dania has been around for a minute, but due to her recent role on the HBO hit show Entourage, she is about to break out. She played Calisto in X-Men 3 and had a sexy hero/villian fight with Halle Berry. She also had a small part in the last season of the Sopranos and played Maya Herrea on NBC's Heroes. She was also a video girl, appearing in Jay-Z's song Streets Is Watching and LL Cool J's Hush. She is also a favorite of director Spike Lee, and appeared in his movies She Hate Me and The 25th Hour. Next up you can catch her in hubby Jesse Terrero's next film Brooklyn to Manhattan & alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt and fellow hotness (and possible future OHC) Jaime Chung in Premium Rush, both to be released soon. Oh Dania, slow down ma, you killin' em!!! Please leave your comments on this lovely lady below. Your welcome.  

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2:45 second mark

She is in the whole video

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  1. I had NO idea she was in all those films/TV shows. You seemed to have brought her from obscurity to center stage with one article.