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June 15, 2010

Will The Blue Beetle Replace Smallville Next Season???

This upcoming season will be the 10th and final season for Smallville, and the CW is looking for a superhero type show to replace it. Enter teenager Jaime Reyes, The Blue Beetle... most of you probably know The blue Beetle from his guest starring roles in the recent hit Batman: The Brave and The Bold. These team up adventures show a young Reyes learning how to use/master his alien super suit that transforms him from regular teenager into mecha super hero. I like the character a lot, because he is a teenager who has to deal with regular teenage issues and then puts on the suit to fight some major baddies... this could be a great show. Lets hope that if they do pull this off, they will get it right. DC Comics executives have cut some test footage of Reyes turning into the Beetle, and that footage may premiere at San Diego Comic Con next month. We will keep you posted. What comic property would you like to see turned into a TV show??? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. With the kind of CGI they can do now even on those crappy SYFY movies, they can easily replicate the Blue Beetle costume. Plus we can leave the ennui of Smallville - "OOOO I am superpowered and sad." - Bite me. I like Jaime's family problem and everything surrounding his superhero life.

  2. Yup... I couldn't agree more. Plus, he is a hispanic and catholic super hero, which makes him an anomally for comics... lets hope network TV is not scared away by taking some risks!!!!

  3. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing Smallville become Metropolis or Justice League. The CW could have another 5 or 6 year show just bringing all of the characters back and the actors and actresses would have full jobs for that time. Smallville and the DC Universe has so much more to put into the show and if they decide not to do either a Metropolis or Justice League, what about a Batman show? Maybe Martian Manhunter. The past of John Jones would make for a very interesting story. No matter what they choose, I will still miss Smallville and hope some of the characters return to whichever show they create.